“Let’s Talk”

“Let’s Talk”

The English Speaking Club “Let’s Talk” welcomes every English learner, regardless of his/her language level, to the fun and motivating discussions with native speakers!

Every Sunday at 17:00 two amazing speakers Joel and Loriann – a married couple from the USA – spend a few hours with club members helping them improve their English skills by means of various presentations, fun games, challenging discussions and much more. And it’s free of charge!

Do you feel like you always wanted to know English better? Have you always been nervous to speak English because you were afraid of making mistakes? Do you think you lack real-life communication skills? Join the club! In a friendly and casual environment, “Let’s Talk” will boost your English level and give you the confidence to speak at work, while traveling or in other spheres of your life.

Coffee and cookies are a bonus!

Where: Irpin, Pushkinska str, 56.

When: Sunday, 17:00

Call: 093 243 9550

See you there!

“Let’s Talk” is on Facebook