From Pastor

For quite a while, a Church in our country stood aside from any social processes. Today, however, the Church is challenged to become proactive as a part of a changing society. The best image for a Church today is to be open, so that everyone could come in and find a place for himself. An open heart, hospitality and acceptance are the main gauges of Christianity today. That is exactly why our Church wants to be open, first of all, to God and also to people around us.

You are welcome!

Valerii Sekisov

  • Valerii Sekisov has been a pastor of the Philadelphia church in Irpin since 2011.
  • Pastor Sekisov has graduated from the Kiev Bible Institute, the Kiev Evangelical Theological Seminary, the National Vernadsky University in Tavria, as well as the National Padagogic Dragomanov University, where he is still enrolled as a post-graduate student.
  • Pastor Sekisov is also working as a professor.
  • Valerii Sekisov has a great family – together with his beautiful wife Valerie they have two children: a daughter Daryna and a son David.
  • Pastor Sekisov enjoys humor and irony, loves reading books and spending time with friends.